Four Seasons Boot Camp is a place for men & women of all abilities to come together and improve yourself physically and mentally. Based on the border of Bexley & Dartford, overlooking the lovely Joydens Wood. This Outdoor Fitness club has been helping people get in shape for longer than any other in Bexley and surrounding areas.

With challenging workouts, friendly members, and fun exercises, we are not happy unless you improve. People of all ages over 16 are welcome, our youngest member is 21 and oldest is 70. All abilities are welcome to join and take on a more active outdoor lifestyle with us.

Each training session you will be pushed just enough in order to burn hundreds of calories, yet not too much to make you throw up.
We are unrivalled in the consistent results that we help our members achieve, transforming body shapes for over 9 years. Members from Bexley, Dartford, Chislehurst, Sidcup, Welling, Swanley, Gravesend & Bexleyheath.
Although we don't offer meal plans or any other fad diet idea, we do encourage healthy living. Because our members show up consistently the constant tips & reminders enforce new habits to take effect.

Although the majority of people work out to lose weight and burn fat, we strongly believe that muscle & strength is essential for strong bones, confidence, avoiding injuries, faster metabolism and a defined physique.

Our work outs consist of body weight exercises, dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, bars and more to build a decent level of strength over the whole body. Leaving our members with a better posture, defined muscles and healthier joints.


As well as the no nonsense workouts, we spend time stretching and loosening the body. This not only keeps the muscles & tendons healthy but makes you feel better through out day to day life, improving energy levels & movement.

Bitchiness and negativity will not be tolerated at Four Seasons BootCamp. Our members are friendly & encouraging to each other. Over time you will meet new friends, be part of a community, and feel more self confidence.

If you live in Bexley or any of the surrounding areas, you're welcome to come along for a Free taster session. We are open 6 days a week, come along to the session that suits you.